mac os core dump from detached process

Robin Becker robin at
Mon Apr 27 11:21:18 CEST 2015

I'm using the double fork exec model as exemplified in

to run a django management command detached from any view. A database object is 
used to store/update information about the process. The command does have a log 
file and appears to work well on linux.

However, on my developer colleague's mac using the django development server the 
job ends suddenly without passing through the try except finally that's supposed 
to capture information.

I believe the only way it can do this is os._exit or an interrupt eg SIGSEGV etc 

Is it possible to get core dumps on the Mac for  debugging purposes? Would the 
detached process inherit flags etc etc from the starting process? I know little 
about OS X/Mach.
Robin Becker

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