Best GUI for Python

Christian Gollwitzer auriocus at
Mon Apr 27 23:17:53 CEST 2015

Am 27.04.15 um 19:02 schrieb Grant Edwards:
> On 2015-04-26, Ben Finney <ben+python at> wrote:
>> Steven D'Aprano <steve+comp.lang.python at> writes:
>>> Tkinter is easier to use, as it is standard with Python. So long as
>>> you have Tk/Tcl installed on your computer, Tkinter should work fine.
>>> However, Tkinter probably looks a bit more old fashioned.
>> It doesn't have to. By using the newer ‘tkinter.ttk’ library
>> <URL:>, the GUI will
>> use native look-and-feel widgets.
> I've tried using ttk, and it's not too bad on Windows, but it doesn't
> seem to help a jot on Linux. Most Linux users seem to be able to cope
> without a problem, but the old gray Motify look seems a bit dated.
> When I do try to use ttk on Linux, I just seem to end up with a
> mixture of two different completely non-native vaguely retro-looking
> widgets.

Yes, the default theme is terrible on Linux (Mac & Windows uses native 
widgets). There are additional themes available, which are buried in 
some packages and a bit difficult to install, but give reasonable 
approximations to the QT look; I'm talking about plastik, for instance (1st picture - the layout of the test is 
terrible, but the widgets do look good). For some reason I've got no 
insights, these themes are very slow (they are based on displaying 
pre-rendered PNG images for the widget bits and pieces).
Yet another possibility are the tileQT and tileGTK packages, which 
render the widgets using QT and GTK, but of course this introduces these 
dependencies and it might be simpler to just use QT or GTK natively.



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