Useful module to be written by a newbie

Cecil Westerhof Cecil at
Wed Apr 29 19:12:15 CEST 2015

Op Wednesday 29 Apr 2015 18:27 CEST schreef Peter Otten:

> Cecil Westerhof wrote:
>> I have experience with Python, but it has been some time ago. The
>> best way to relearn a language (for me) is just make a lot of code
>> with it. But it would be nice if it was useful at the same time. I
>> started a Python library on GitHub:
>> Anyone an idea about functions and classes that would be useful for
>> the Python community and could be written by me?
> Realistically a Python coder with a little experience will have a
> glance at your code and run away.

Oops, that is not nice to hear. :'-( But can you enlighten me? Then I
can learn from it.

> But: a family member, or friend, or even you yourself with a small
> real- world problem will not care whether your code is idiomatic
> Python as long as it works as advertised. So I'd look that way.
> As you idle along you'll quickly get better and may encounter a
> library where you think "That might be a useful extension" or one
> where you think "That's much too complex, I can make it simpler for
> 80% of the use cases".
> Voilà your contributions to the community.

Well, I hope that will happen soon.

> PS: Regarding your MovingAverage class, have a look at zip(),
> generators or the __iter__() method, and -- most important -- unit
> tests.

I will do that.

Cecil Westerhof
Senior Software Engineer

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