implicitly concats of adjacent strings does not work with format

Cecil Westerhof Cecil at
Wed Apr 29 23:51:23 CEST 2015

Op Wednesday 29 Apr 2015 22:51 CEST schreef Mark Lawrence:

> On 29/04/2015 18:08, Cecil Westerhof wrote:
>> Op Wednesday 29 Apr 2015 18:04 CEST schreef Mark Lawrence:
>>>> From the amount of messages you could think I am a spammer. ;-)
>>> Did you mean spanner? ;-)
>> My English is not good enough to understand what you mean by this.
> Seek, and ye shall find.
> <quote> (UK, mildly derogatory) A stupid or unintelligent person;
> one prone to making mistakes, especially in language. You spanner,
> Rodney! I wanted a Chinese, not an Indian! </quote>

Well, I used Google (or rather DuckDuckGo) and did not find this one.

> Nothing personal in this, I simply find the homour here often more
> interesting than the theoretical claptrap that some go on about. Not
> only that, from the Zen of Python, "Practicality beats purity".


> As for being a spammer, nonsense, it's rather pleasant to see
> someone with real code asking real questions. Carry on like this and
> you'll soon be on the bug tracker at fixing things,
> instead of the throngs who simply love complaining, but in reality
> do nothing about it. Hint, hint, didn't you ask on another thread
> about what module you could write for Python :)

Fixing bugs is even better as writing modules. I would not mind if you
would be right. :-D

Cecil Westerhof
Senior Software Engineer

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