Python is not bad ;-)

Cecil Westerhof Cecil at
Thu Apr 30 13:10:09 CEST 2015

Op Thursday 30 Apr 2015 11:10 CEST schreef Ben Finney:

>> I like it that the code is concise and clear. But also that the
>> performance is not bad.
> The former is a property of Python, which is a programming language.
> I agree with your assessment :-)
> The latter is not a property of Python; a programming language
> doesn't have runtime performance. Rather, runtime performance is a
> property of some specific *implementation* — that is, the runtime
> Python machine.
> There are numerous Python runtimes, and they have different
> performance characteristics on different hardware and operating
> systems.
> <URL:>
> You might be talking about performance on CPython. But you might
> not! I don't know.

I understood when you did not explicitly mention it, it normally is
CPython. And in my case it is.

I should try it also in Jython, because Clojure runs in de JVM.

> Have you looked at PyPy – Python implemented in Python – and
> compared its performance?

Not yet. Busy hacking away. :-D

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