debugging during package development

dieter dieter at
Sat Aug 1 07:56:36 CEST 2015

Seb <spluque at> writes:

> It seems too cumbersome to have to update `sys.path` to include the
> development tree of a package (and sub-packages) that's still very
> young.  With lots of debugging to do, the last thing I'd want is to
> worry about the search path.  So I've been searching for better ways to
> work, but I can't seem hit the right keywords and come with all sorts of
> tangentially related stuff.  I'm sure there must be some tool that sets
> up the development environment when the package source is not on
> `sys.path`.  Any advice on this topic would be appreciated.

On "*nix" like systems, you can set "sys.path" via the envvar

Note that "sys.path" needs only contain the top level packages - subpackages
are found automatically.

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