Trouble getting to windows My Documents directory

random832 at random832 at
Sat Aug 1 08:50:59 CEST 2015

On Sat, Jul 11, 2015, at 03:28, Chris Warrick wrote:
> That’s not necessarily “older”.
> Windows XP/7/8: My Documents
> Windows Vista/8.1: Documents

Mine's called Documents on 7 and 8. Is the system you got this
information from a new install or an upgrade? (It may also depend on
whether it's a new *user profile* or one from before the upgrade)

> As for localized versions, Vista and up do the translation in Windows
> Explorer but use English names on disk.
> …but even with all that, users (or their administrators) can move the
> My Documents folder away from the home directory (to a file server,
> for example).

Yeah, the real point is that it can be an arbitrary location, but I was
just illustrating that even in *default* circumstances it won't always
be Documents

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