Send data to asyncio coroutine

Javier jcarmena at
Sat Aug 1 20:22:26 CEST 2015

El sábado, 1 de agosto de 2015, 18:45:17 (UTC+2), Mark Lawrence  escribió:
> On 01/08/2015 17:07, Javier wrote:
> >
> > Asyncio is a crazy headache! I realized that I can't use asyncio tcp servers with pickle! Asyncio is good as a concept but bad in real life.
> >
> > I think python's non blocking I/O is far from being something useful for developers till non-async code can invoke async code transparently. Duplicating all code/libs when you realize that something not fits asyncio is not a solution and even less a pythonic solution.
> >
> I'll keep my eyes open for your solution on pypi as clearly you know 
> better than the Python core developers.  Fully documented and tested of 
> course.
> -- 
> My fellow Pythonistas, ask not what our language can do for you, ask
> what you can do for our language.
> Mark Lawrence

Don't be rascal, friend. Nobody thinks that self is better than core developers, and personaly I don't think I am better than anybody, but, I have my own opinion.
The fact that the core team is better at python coding and compilers than me does not mean that her implementation fits my needs/opinion.

I dont like the current event loop implementation (plus yield from): 
- It forces me to use beta libraries for doing something that another production ready library already does, 
- I can't use one of the most awesome python features: yielding between generators and coroutines
- As you said, I'm not as smart as they are but I thought python is for everybody, not only for them. Should I ask them how can I use pickle with streamreader? I think it would be better if it would become trivial.

I read PEPs. I don't imagine a good users community if all of us would have to read the pythons source code to understand how to use new features or rewrite a new implementation proposal to be allowed to tell our opinion, as you claims, 

I would like that all the code would run on event loop, but till then I just believe that event loop should be a native feature, not a python hack. I believe that we should be able to call asyncio functions without doing "yield from" through all the stack. I believe that It's possible an implementation that allows generators for processing data streams and that allows to mix classic code with loop code.

And finally I claim a place for not super-level pythoners that want to talk about features improvement without being asked for a reference implementation, each of us have our own role.


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