Most pythonic way of rotating a circular list to a canonical point

Cameron Simpson cs at
Sun Aug 2 00:25:30 CEST 2015

On 01Aug2015 14:24, Lukas Barth <mail at> wrote:
>Perhaps I should clarify a bit:
>- I definitely need a "canonical rotation" - just a comparison result is not enough

Fine. This also eliminates any solution which just computes a hash.

>- It does not matter what that rotation is. Starting with the smallest element was just an idea by me, any rotation that can easily produced will do.

That's a fine way to start, but more work than is needed.

Might I suggest instead simply starting with the leftmost element in the first 
list; call this elem0.  Then walk the second list from 0 to len(list2). If that 
element equals elem0, _then_ compare the list at that point as you suggested.

Is there an aspect of this which doesn't work?

Cameron Simpson <cs at>

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