Python 3 May Become Relevant Now

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"The problem was with a function (buried deep in the source code as one of many decorators) that usually returned a  list  but under a certain circumstances, it returned  None" [...] "I'm not saying that the person who originally wrote the code is a bad programmer. I'll leave that up to you. What I am saying is that python allows you to make such silly mistakes."

I do this all the time ... :(

Well not exactly, with lists I'm trying to return an empty list but I may return None in certain situations, most of the time when a method cannot do its job because of missing data but this particular method does not know if it's expected or not, so it returns "None" like to tell the caller, "can't do it, deal with it".

I really prefer to handle errors with a :

if foo() is not None:

than a try expect stupid block.

But if I get things right, with python 3.5 type hint checker, I'd be screwed, as it is spefificaly designed to track this kind of "problem".
What's the use of None then ? Any method returning None can only return None or suffer the type checker retribution.

I don't get it.



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