Most Pythonic way to store (small) configuration

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> Subject: Most Pythonic way to store (small) configuration
> There are a lot of ways to store configuration information:
> - conf file
> - xml file
> - database
> - json file
> - and possible a lot of other ways
> I want to write a Python program to display cleaned log files. I do
> not think I need a lot of configuration to be stored:
> - some things relating to the GUI
> - default behaviour
> - default directory
> - log files to display, including some info
>   - At least until where it was displayed
> Because of this I think a human readable file would be best.
> Personally I do not find XML very readable. So a conf or json file
> looks the most promising to me. And I would have a slight preference
> for a json file.
> Any comments, thoughts or tips?
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Did you consider using "serpent" ?
It's a python serializer than can produce human readable text format.

If your configuration is a dictionary for instance, there's possibly no work to do.

see for yourself at :




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