Installation Successful, but pythonw and idle doesn't function

Thomas 'PointedEars' Lahn PointedEars at
Thu Aug 6 00:09:04 CEST 2015

Rick Smith wrote:

> However pythonw.exe did not and does not work. I was simply returned to
> the command prompt, without ANY interaction or error.
>    prompt>pythonw
>    prompt>

Works as designed.  You are proceeding from a false assumption.  pythonw.exe 
is not meant to provide an interactive Python shell.  A little Web research 
would have showed that to you.


(First hit for “pythonw” on Google with my account.  I have never visited 
that site before or can remember to have searched for “pythonw”.)
> I also attempted to run "idle", with the following results:
>    C:
>    ** IDLE can't import Tkinter.
>    Your Python may not be configured for Tk. **

I do not know IDLE well (if at all after all this time).  Make sure that you 
have installed the prerequisites.  But it strikes me as odd to run a GUI-
based application from the Windows command shell.  Is there not an icon that 
you can use instead to run it?  Presumably that would execute a .bat or .cmd 
script that sets up the PYTHONPATH.  RTFM, STFW.

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