Who uses IDLE -- please answer if you ever do, know, or teach

Terry Reedy tjreedy at udel.edu
Thu Aug 6 03:06:31 CEST 2015

There have been discussions, such as today on Idle-sig , about who uses 
Idle and who we should design it for.  If you use Idle in any way, or 
know of or teach classes using Idle, please answer as many of the 
questions below as you are willing, and as are appropriate

Private answers are welcome. They will be deleted as soon as they are 
tallied (without names).

I realized that this list is a biased sample of the universe of people 
who have studied Python at least, say, a month.  But biased data should 
be better than my current vague impressions.

0. Classes where Idle is used:

Idle users:

1. Are you
grade school (1=12)?
undergraduate (Freshman-Senior)?
post-graduate (from whatever)?

2. Are you
beginner (1st class, maybe 2nd depending on intensity of first)?

3. With respect to programming, are you
amateur (unpaid)
professional (paid for programming)

Terry Jan Reedy, Idle maintainer

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