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>> Can anyone compare PyNum calculation speed to Fortran?
>> This is for a number crunching program working with large files.
>> Roger

And for speed you may be better off with PyPy than with NumPy

but, as is always the case when measuring the speed of things,
'it all depends on what you are doing'.  Do you need to link to
existing Fortran or C libraries?  If the answer is no, and you
really only are doing crunching, and your crunching is done
in loops which run for a significant amount of time -- then PyPy
is generally faster than Fortran.

If you are spending most of your time in matplotlib graphing
your results, you will  be unhappy with PyPy performance.

pypy-dev at is a better place to discuss performance of
PyPy, though while
is a better place to discuss numpy. has been down all day, alas.  But the Americans should be
awake now and dealing with it.


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