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On 09Aug2015 17:44, Clayton Kirkwood <crk at godblessthe.us> wrote:
>But there is nothing non-cryptic and orderly that I have found that lists
>out various modules and packages. If you know the module, it generally gives
>most of the information, but if you don't know the module name or function
>capability, you're lost.

Mark has already mentioned these:


I use the index a lot, especially if I have a (probable) method name.

>It would be nice to have a 'if you want to do this,
>look at these packages'.

There is also a search here:


which has some utility. Note you need to wait for it to load the results.

I just tried searching for "pipe". Admittedly "subprocess.PIPE" is the very 
last thing listed, but still, it is there.

>You have a language ref that defines the basics but
>gives very little insight. Take list comprehension. As described in the
>language ref and given tutotial, you get maybe a paragraph of what it is,
>but there was no definition of what the brackets were for or how the
>comprehension worked and maybe you get one or two examples, but you're still
>left with what is it.

It is like a for loop, but you know that by now.

>Is there an up to date book on 3.x even. Every book seems to be from 2006 or

Not sure, sorry.

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