Is Django the way to go for a newbie?

Michael Torrie torriem at
Tue Aug 11 05:29:22 CEST 2015

On 08/10/2015 07:49 PM, Dwight GoldWinde wrote:
> Thank you, Gary, for this new information.
> I will be looking into virtualenv and vertualenvwrapper.
> I thought that Django was an IDE. But, it seems that an IDE is one more
> thing that I need that I didn¹t know I needed!?

Django is a programming _library_ (also called a framework) that makes
web development easier/possible in Python (well it's some tools as well
as a library).  Basically check out the introductory documents at their

Depending on your definition of IDE, many Python programmers and Django
developers don't use an IDE at all, but just a nice programmer's text
editor.  Many people enjoy using the commercial Sublime Text editor.
Personally I use ViM.

An IDE could be useful for doing web development in Django, with code
completion as Django has many sub libraries and lots of APIs to
remember.  Do a search for Python IDEs.  Some are free, some are not.

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