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On 12.08.2015 18:53, Laura Creighton wrote:
> Are only English language blogs eligible for planet python?
> This showed up on Python list.  I don't want to ask him if he wants to
> get his blog added if we have a language policy that I am unaware of.

Apparently, we do:

FWIW: I think it's better to have different planet installations for
different languages. See the left side on
for a list of planets using other languages than English.

I guess someone could set up a Persian planet installation and
get it added there as well.

> Laura
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> Subject: Python Book In Persian Language
> Hello, I'm Javad Mokhtari Koushyar from Iran, Hamedan. four month ago I
> started teaching python 3.4.1 in Persian using a blog. first I thought people
> do not pay attention to it but after a week I received very messages that
> makes me to continue and now I am happy that I made a book from my blog posts
> and shared it with different persian sites. I want you to share this event
> because everyday people use my book and send me messages for thanksgiving.
> Thank for yourattention. This is my blog:[1] .
> goodbye
> Python Is best for ever.
> Javad M. Koushyar
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