Mark Lawrence breamoreboy at
Wed Aug 12 23:51:52 CEST 2015

On 12/08/2015 22:32, Emile van Sebille wrote:
> @ltc -- read this -- then re-read all the responses you've been given.
> Repeat ad nauseam.  Until you can understand and incorporate advice
> given you're wasting your time and ours asking.

This question has been asked on *THREE* different Python mailing lists. 
  Do you really expect him to take any notice?  I certainly don't, he 
got plonked by me days ago on the tutor mailing list, I just wish 
everone else would do the same so we could get rid of him, same as Nick 
the Greek and the RUE.

My fellow Pythonistas, ask not what our language can do for you, ask
what you can do for our language.

Mark Lawrence

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