problem with netCDF4 OpenDAP

Michael Ströder michael at
Sat Aug 15 02:02:42 CEST 2015

Tom P wrote:
>   yes the file does appear to be there, I can download it and I can open and
> read the URL using urllib. Since there are a whole bunch of files in the
> directory, I really need MFDataset, but according to the documentation that
> doesn't work with URLs. Maybe the solution really is to D/L them all into a
> temporary folder and use MFDataset.

Not sure about the size and other aspects of your deployment. But the safest
way to backup an OpenLDAP database is to export it to a single LDIF file
because this can be done while slapd is running and it's guaranteed that the
LDIF contains only data of finished transactions.

Ciao, Michael.

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