Old DbaseV DOS Programmer wants to step over to new/actual modern program software

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> I'm a 25year DBASE-5 DOS programmer and want/have to step over to new program/platform software, because there is no future anymore for DOS after W-XP, I've been looking around for alternatives and cannot figure out where to start, I already have been learning the SQL with SSMS database system/script this is very important because I work mostly with large databases invoicing/stock/statements etc. I always manage my users with design-programs,windows-input,files-views, using custom made windows/input. I did all this in *.prg files with hard-coding. I have some ideas in mind like Java with (ECLIPS) because it is very popular, it is the most widely used and can get tutorials and videos all over the internet. I've read a lot of good things about Python, that it is much easier but too complicate to define what to choose, at the first place witch version 2.x or 3.x, a lot of IDE's to choose from, beside of that witch IDE with what pluggin. I'll need something suitable to manage/manipulate
>  M-SQL. I have a lot of programs to rewrite and not much time, that's why it is very important to me to start with something appropriate with the best software combination that I can learn completely from the internet, cannot go back to the classroom, too old for that. I appreciate very much that any of you can help me to figure out to choose the right software combination for my new project. Thanks....!

It really doesn't matter which language you choose for you
implementation. You will still need to learn it somehow and understand
how to operate with it and how to write a nice maintainable code with it.

I'd suggest to go to some local college and get some knowledge about
your language of the choice.

Perl/python might be better. because with them you will be able to
test you changes right away on the spot.
Also make sure that you DBMS does have a ODBC driver so you can
connect to the DB...

Thank you.
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