Old DbaseV DOS Programmer wants to step over to new/actual modern program software

Michael Torrie torriem at gmail.com
Sun Aug 16 19:07:12 CEST 2015

On 08/16/2015 10:40 AM, AGOSTINHO TEIXEIRA wrote:
> I'm a 25year DBASE-5 DOS programmer and want/have to step over to new
> program/platform software, because there is no future anymore for DOS
> after W-XP, I've been looking around for alternatives and cannot
> figure out where to start, I already have been learning the SQL with
> SSMS database system/script this is very important because I work
> mostly with large databases invoicing/stock/statements etc. I always
> manage my users with design-programs,windows-input,files-views, using
> custom made windows/input. I did all this in *.prg files with
> hard-coding. I have some ideas in mind like Java with (ECLIPS)
> because it is very popular, it is the most widely used and can get
> tutorials and videos all over the internet. I've read a lot of good
> things about Python, that it is much easier but too complicate to
> define what to choose, at the first place witch version 2.x or 3.x, a
> lot of IDE's to choose from, beside of that witch IDE with what
> pluggin. I'll need something suitable to manage/manipulate M-SQL. I
> have a lot of programs to rewrite and not much time, that's why it is
> very important to me to start with something appropriate with the
> best software combination that I can learn completely from the
> internet, cannot go back to the classroom, too old for that. I
> appreciate very much that any of you can help me to figure out to
> choose the right software combination for my new project.
> Thanks....!

Here're a couple of interesting projects that I found on a google search
that might relate to what you're trying to do:


But like the other poster said, take some time to learn a new language,
such as Python.  Things can get complicated in a hurry, but if you have
a solid understanding of the language, it's doable.  Also it is helpful
if you have a good working knowledge of SQL.  SQL is useful when
interacting with a variety of database engines such as MS SQL, or a
freely available one like PostgreSQL.  Then there are dozens of
different database access libraries and abstractions you can choose from
such as SQLAlchemy.  And for creating a GUI there are several different

As for the future of DOS, existing DOS programs including your DBASE-5
apps should continue running indefinitely with the wonderful DOSBox
program: http://www.dosbox.com/.  While it's aimed at running games, it
runs business apps quite well.

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