Who is using littletable?

Paul McGuire ptmcg at austin.rr.com
Mon Aug 17 18:02:16 CEST 2015

littletable is a little module I knocked together a few years ago, found it sort of useful, so uploaded to SF and PyPI.  The download traffic at SF is very light, as I expected, but PyPI shows > 3000 downloads in the past month!  Who *are* all these people?

In my own continuing self-education, it is interesting to see overlap in the basic goals in littletable, and the much more widely known pandas module (with littletable being more lightweight/freestanding, not requiring numpy, but correspondingly not as snappy).

I know Adam Sah uses (or at least used to use) littletable as an in-memory product catalog for his website Buyer's Best friend (http://www.bbfdirect.com/).  Who else is out there, and what enticed you to use this little module?

-- Paul

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