Is this the way to go with SQLite

Cecil Westerhof Cecil at
Sun Aug 23 15:18:53 CEST 2015

I understood that with sqlite3 in Python you can not use prepared
statements. Below the way I solved this.

Also an URL is unique, so I need to check that if it is found, the
values are the same as the ones I wanted to insert.

This is my code.
select_url  = '''SELECT year
                 ,      month
                 ,      description
                 FROM   LINKS
                 WHERE  URL = ?'''
year        = 2015
month       = 8
for link in links:
    description = link[0]
    url         = link[1]
    url_values  = c.execute(select_url, [url]).fetchall()
    if len(url_values) == 0:
        print('Adding {0}'.format(link))
        c.execute('''INSERT INTO links
                     (year, month, description, URL)
                     (?, ?, ?, ?)
                  [year, month, description, url])
        to_insert   = (year, month, description)
        found       = url_values[0]
        if found != to_insert:
            print('For {0} found {1} instead of {2}'.format(url, found, to_insert))

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