Sometimes bottle takes a lot of time

Cecil Westerhof Cecil at
Sun Aug 23 17:20:29 CEST 2015

On Sunday 23 Aug 2015 16:05 CEST, Johannes Bauer wrote:

> On 22.08.2015 16:15, Christian Gollwitzer wrote:
>> Probably yes. You should take a look at the OP again and compare
>> the time stamps. It says that in between two consecutive calls of
>> the same program, the request was served once in a second, and once
>> with serious delays. Despite that the server is localhost. In
>> between both trials there are 20 seconds. I do not see, how git
>> bisect would help here.
> I do completely understand that in two consecutive runs one time the
> problem occurs and the other time it doesn't.
> It's highly unlikely that such a bug would ever have passed the
> bottle QA and if it did it would affect thousands of users (who
> would report this issue, since it's very severe). It is much more
> likely the bug is somewhere within the OP's program. By git bisect
> he can find out where he introduced the bug.

You have to explain something to me: how can I introduce a bug without
changing anything? Maybe by having wrong thoughts?

>> Note that this says nothing about the location of the bug, in can
>> still be either in the OPs code or in the framework.
> Yup. Note that he has now shifted from blaming bottle to blaming
> Firefox. Same thing with that claim. If somehow website delivery was
> delayed 6 seconds reproducibly, people would have noticed.

I never blamed bottle, I was asking if it could be a problem with

And it is (now) clear that it has to do something with Firefox. Just
fetching the URL's does not give a problem. Chromium does not have a
problem. Only Firefox has a problem. Even in safemode. And with an
older version of Firefox there is (almost) no problem.

> I suspect that either the OPs program is at fault or the OP's setup
> (name resolution or some other weird stuff going on). But instead of
> tackling this problem systematically, like a Software Engineer would
> (Wireshark, debugger, profiler) he just blames other people's
> software. This, in my humble opinion, is annoying as fuck.

Do you know what I find annoying? That you need to keep bashing me,
instead of thinking: was I maybe wrong in bashing? Especially because
you are the only one that thinks you were right. Being the only one
who thinks something, does not necessarily make you wrong, but should
make you contemplate.

Cecil Westerhof
Senior Software Engineer

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