Sometimes bottle takes a lot of time

Michael Torrie torriem at
Sun Aug 23 18:47:02 CEST 2015

On 08/23/2015 08:05 AM, Johannes Bauer wrote:
> By git bisect he can find out where
> he introduced the bug.

Like Cecil said, this is of little help.  There was no code changed from
when he didn't notice the behavior until he did.

>> Note that this says nothing about the location of the bug, in can still
>> be either in the OPs code or in the framework.
> Yup. Note that he has now shifted from blaming bottle to blaming
> Firefox. Same thing with that claim. If somehow website delivery was
> delayed 6 seconds reproducibly, people would have noticed.

Well it does look like the problem is indeed inside firefox.  Chrome
does exhibit the problem.  Just fetching the urls in a script does not
have the problem either.  Since this is an ajax thing, I can entirely
understand that Firefox introduces random delays.  Practically all
ajax-heavy sites I've ever used has had random slowdowns in Firefox.

> I suspect that either the OPs program is at fault or the OP's setup
> (name resolution or some other weird stuff going on). 

Name resolution could be an issue, but the script he wrote to simulate
the browser requests does not show the slowdown at all.  Firefox could
be doing name resolution differently than the rest of the system and
Chrome of course, which wouldn't surprise me as Firefox seems to more
and more stupid stuff.

> But instead of
> tackling this problem systematically, like a Software Engineer would
> (Wireshark, debugger, profiler) he just blames other people's software.
> This, in my humble opinion, is annoying

He is tackling the problem systematically, though perhaps not in the
same way you would. Sure there are ways he can improve his process, and
he is doing that slowly.  But your bashing on him is inappropriate and
unhelpful.  And sometimes things that are obvious to you and others
(such as strings being iterable in his sql binding problem) are not
obvious to new users of python, even ones with a lot of experience in
other languages.

What is annoying to me is how you have done nothing but jump all over
him this whole thread, and several other times.  You seem to have made
it your mission to bash him continually on this list, mocking him and
saying if he were a wise Senior Software Engineer he would know such and
such.  In fact I can find very few of your posts to this list where you
aren't bashing Cecil in recent months.  This does not reflect well on
the list community and drives away people who would otherwise want to
learn Python.

If Cecil's posts annoy you, please ignore them (I wouldn't even respond
to this post of yours, but I feel like something has to be said).

I for one am happy to help out, and I'm very glad to see a person come
and learn python and be enthusiastic about it.  Unlike many people
learning Python, Cecil has made a strong attempt to learn the idiomatic
ways of programming in Python, and seems to be really enjoying it.  He
hasn't been turned off by the sometimes toxic atmosphere of the list.
He hasn't run off saying Python sux because of whitespace.

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