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Johannes Bauer dfnsonfsduifb at
Sun Aug 23 22:55:49 CEST 2015

On 23.08.2015 18:47, Michael Torrie wrote:

> Since this is an ajax thing, I can entirely
> understand that Firefox introduces random delays.  Practically all
> ajax-heavy sites I've ever used has had random slowdowns in Firefox.

This would imply that random six-second delays have somehow passed the
Firefox QA effortlessly. It's something that is entirely possible, but
also something that I would consider magnitudes less likely than other
explanations. Six seconds is *huge* for regular web applications.

> Name resolution could be an issue, but the script he wrote to simulate
> the browser requests does not show the slowdown at all.  Firefox could
> be doing name resolution differently than the rest of the system and
> Chrome of course, which wouldn't surprise me as Firefox seems to more
> and more stupid stuff.

Proxy settings are another thing that could influence behavior. Maybe
the proxy of his Chrome is differently configured than Firefox and this
is causing issues. SOCKS proxies can emulate DNS as well. So there is a
plethora of possible causes; no need to shift blame before evidence is
presented, no need to jump to conclusions.

> But your bashing on him is inappropriate and
> unhelpful.
> What is annoying to me is how you have done nothing but jump all over
> him this whole thread, and several other times.  
> In fact I can find very few of your posts to this list where you
> aren't bashing Cecil in recent months.  This does not reflect well on
> the list community and drives away people who would otherwise want to
> learn Python.

I think you're right about this. I've had some run-in with Cecil some
months ago - don't even remember what it was about. The thing I did
remember was that I was particularly annoyed by the whole discussion
back then. This probably led to me being a lot more agressive in my
choice of tone than I should have been.

You're entirely right that this kind of personal feud and immature
mockery is inappropriate for a mailing list and you're also right that
it does create a toxic atmosphere. Since Python is the lanauge I'm most
passionate about a detrimental effect on the Python community is
something that is surely the exact opposite of what I want.

> If Cecil's posts annoy you, please ignore them (I wouldn't even respond
> to this post of yours, but I feel like something has to be said).

I'll follow your advice and thank you for your honest words.


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