required help with python code.

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Tue Aug 25 11:13:19 CEST 2015

"Srinivas, Jostna" <Jostna.Srinivas at> writes:

> I am trying to write a python code to create tableau data extract
> using tableau API.

What is that? Does it have a website? Does it have its own community of
users and developers?

Your questions about Python are welcome here, and we'll help if we can.
That said, if the thing you're using has its own specific community, you
should also try the forums of that community to get more specific help.

> In the process I am facing following error.

Please don't post attachments, they don't propagate correctly across
this forum.

Instead make a Short, Self-contained, Complete, Correct Example
<URL:> that we can also execute to see the behaviour.

If it's not Short, you need to contrive a short example that *only*
demonstrates the problem.

If it's not Self-contained and Complete and Correct for demonstrating
the behaviour, you need to refine it until that's the case. Otherwise we
can't see the behaviour you're seeing, which is necessary to understand
what the problem is.

> Please help me to fix. I tried a lot but couldn't get over net. Its
> critical requirement and we need your help.

We can't be held to whatever critical requirements you have; but I
sympathise with your position. Please help us help you, by making a
SSCCE that we can run to see the behaviour.

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