Moving 1 Picture in a Programm - How to?

lucasvfxdood at lucasvfxdood at
Thu Jan 1 19:43:57 CET 2015

Hey Guys! I need your help!
So i want to make a programm like the app called "Feed Me"
There are 2 Pictures (I got that) than you can click the food picture and drag it on the boys mouth and than the sad boys face disappears and a happy face shows up.

Heres the code ive wrtiten
from tkinter import * 
f = Tk()
f.title('Give the boy the apple.')
c = Canvas(master=f,width=500,height=500,bg='white'),y=0)
p = PhotoImage(file='traurigsmiley.png') #sad smiley
i = c.create_image(250,320,image=p) #position
p2 = PhotoImage(file='essen.png') #food
i2 = c.create_image(70,100,image=p2)

Please Help!

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