Own network protocol

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Fri Jan 2 11:49:49 CET 2015


You can use the TML/SIDEX SDK to setup a server on a Raspberry_Pi. It 
enables peer to peer communcation beased on the Blocks Extensible 
Exchange protocol. The Python interface is easy to use and you can find 
tutorial videos on youtube, how to install it on a raspberry_py.

Search for "How to install TML/SIDEX on Raspberry Pi" on youtube.

The SDK is available on multiple platforms and it is free for personal 


Am 27.12.2014 um 10:56 schrieb pfranken85 at gmail.com:
> Hello!
> I am just about setting up a project with an Raspberry Pi that is connected to some hardware via its GPIO pins. Reading the data already works perfectly but now I want to distribute it to clients running in the network. Hence, I have to setup a server in Python.
> I do not want to reinvent the wheel, so I am asking myself whether there is a good practice solution. It should basically work such that once value (can be either binary or an analog value) has changed on the server, it should send the update to the connected clients. At the same time, it should be possible for the client to send a particular request to the server as well, i.e., switch on LED X.
> What kind of protocol do you recommend for this? UDP or TCP? Do you recommend the use of frameworks such as twisted?
> Thanks for your input!

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