[ANN] EasyGUI_Qt version 0.9

André Roberge andre.roberge at gmail.com
Fri Jan 2 20:53:26 CET 2015

On Friday, 2 January 2015 15:22:22 UTC-4, Emil Oppeln-Bronikowski  wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 02, 2015 at 11:11:05AM -0800, André Roberge wrote:
> Sorry if this was asked before: have you tried building a portable version using py2exe/Nuitka/etc? I always hit a wall when it comes to building against huge libraries like Python-Qt.
No, this would seem really silly since the widgets created by EasyGUI_Qt need to be used within a Python program, like Python's own "input()" function.  What would happen if you took a simple module containing the following:

def get_string(prompt):
    return input(prompt)

and tried to package it into an exe?  How could it then be used?

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