Looking for sample python script using Tkinter

accessnewbie at gmail.com accessnewbie at gmail.com
Sat Jan 3 00:03:23 CET 2015

I have a script that I trying to go from command line entry to interface entry. I am tinkering with Tkinter and want to review some Tkinter interface building scripts. Really basic stuff covering file selection and making some of the data captured required I am learning how to use Tkinter (Python 2.7) to build a data entry interface where the variables (about 15 data entry fields in all) will be used later in the script to perform some analyses. I have a few requirements when capturing the data:

    Must be able to navigate to a file and capture entire filename and pathname (which may be on a network rather than the C drive)
    Capture date
    Capture text (Some of the data entry fields will have commas)
    Some of the data entry fields are required, some are not.

Is there a sample script out there that I can review to see how these features are accomplished? I am particularly stumped by #1 and 4.

Thanks to any and all help.

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