Command Line Inputs from Windows

Chris Angelico rosuav at
Sat Jan 3 05:16:39 CET 2015

On Sat, Jan 3, 2015 at 2:41 PM, James Scholes <james at> wrote:
> Chris Angelico wrote:
>> The latter form is governed by the association. I don't know off-hand
>> where that's set in the registry, but you should be able to poke
>> around in folder settings to find it (but, thank you very much
>> Microsoft, the exact menu path has changed a number of times between
>> Win2K and Win8). On WinXP, if I have my test-box set up correctly,
>> it's View, Folder Options, File Types, select the one for .py,
>> Advanced, select "open", Edit.
> As of Windows 7 (possibly Vista although don't quote me on that), this
> functionality is no longer available.  You'll need to either edit the
> registry directly or use a third party tool to manage filetypes and
> their associated actions.

Blargh. Can you recommend a third-party tool? If not, the best advice
I can give is "poke around on the Google".


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