[ANN] EasyGUI_Qt version 0.9

wxjmfauth at gmail.com wxjmfauth at gmail.com
Sat Jan 3 09:52:08 CET 2015

Le vendredi 2 janvier 2015 20:11:25 UTC+1, André Roberge a écrit :
> On Friday, 2 January 2015 06:29:37 UTC-4, wxjm... at gmail.com  wrote:
> > Le mercredi 31 décembre 2014 23:24:50 UTC+1, André Roberge a écrit :
> > > EasyGUI_Qt version 0.9 has been released.  This is the first announcement about EasyGUI_Qt on this list.
> snip
> > I toyed and I spent a couple of hours with it.
> > I do not know to much what to say.
> Well, this is more positive than your previous comment expressing doubt that it would work. ;-)   So, thank you!

Do not get me wrong, I do not wish to be rude.
You are building a tool upon a toolkit which
simply does not work properly.

If for some reason you are not aware of this,
you are not aware of this, it is unfortunately
a simple as this.

(Not only I know why, I'm able to explain the


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