DjangoCon Europe 2015, in Cardiff, Wales

D.M. Procida real-not-anti-spam-address at
Sat Jan 3 11:54:23 CET 2015

In 2015, DjangoCon Europe is coming to Cardiff:
<> - the first-ever six-day DjangoCon.

The conference will begin with an open day (as in, open to anyone who
feels like coming) of free talks and tutorials, aimed at introducing new
people to Python and Django and the communities around them.

Registration's now open:

Hope to see you there. Maybe someone can even do a lightning talk about
comp.lang.python to introduce all the young whippersnappers to Usenet...

DjangoCon Europe 2015 in Cardiff, 2nd to 7th June. 
Six days of talks, tutorials and code.


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