Command Line Inputs from Windows

Gisle Vanem gvanem at
Sat Jan 3 15:09:52 CET 2015

Ken Stewart wrote:

> Here is a sample key:
> S1-5-21-1560217580-722697556-320042093-1000-Classes
>     py_auto_file
>         shell
>             open
>                 command
> The corrected data for the key looks like this:
> "C:\Python34\python.exe" %1 %*

Yikes! You use the awful cmd.exe as the shell don't you?
An advice is to use something like TakeCommand or 4NT (from
and create an "executable extension" for .py/.pyw files. Like I've
  set .py=C:\Python34\python.exe
  set .pyw=C:\Python34\pythonw.exe

No need to fiddle with registry settings.


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