Python console rejects an object reference, having made an object with that reference as its name in previous line

Mark Lawrence breamoreboy at
Sun Jan 4 14:11:24 CET 2015

On 04/01/2015 12:49, Simon Evans wrote:
> Dear Michael Torrie,
> Thanks for pointing that out to me re: it not being a syntax problem.
> The thing is there is a file called 'EcologicalPyramid.html'. I put it in a folder called 'Soup' as the text advised on page 28. For what its worth I also shifted the Windows Command Prompt to that folder (re: cd Soup)as instructed on page 30, and put a duplicate file of 'EcologicalPyramid.html' in the python 2.8 directory.
> I therefore am wondering where I ought put this html file where the Python console will recognize it ?
> Thank you for your attention,
> Yours
> Simon

You could put your file on the moon provided you give the code a 
complete path to it, something like 

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what you can do for our language.

Mark Lawrence

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