apostrophe not considered with tkinter's wordstart and wordend

Rick Johnson rantingrickjohnson at gmail.com
Mon Jan 5 14:20:32 CET 2015

On Monday, January 5, 2015 2:01:22 AM UTC-6, ravas wrote:
> I'm curious about what events you would use. The only work
> around I thought of is to create a word list and then
> apply tags & use tag_bind().

Well i'm not sure what you are doing exactly, so i'll have
to take some liberties here, but i don't foresee "tag_bind"
as helping you. In order to use the binding applied to a
tag, you'll first have to apply the tag to the range of the
text containing the "target word"... (Ahhh, the old "quid
pro quo brings back a good memory!)


then and only then could you expect an event to fire. I was
thinking more of binding on the "widget level". Here is what
you said earlier:

> When I place my mouse over a word (and I press something)
> I want the program to analyze the word. Tkinter almost
> provides the perfect option: but [...]

>From *that* description, a simple binding of "<Button-1>" to
a callback will give you the chance to process the "word" on
the Python side. Of course, that's easier said than done my


Because (in your case) you cannot rely on the "TK wordstart
pattern" to define the edges correctly,  you'll have to
capture the entire line, THEN compute the location of the
cursor within the sub-string ("local offset in absolute
terms"), THEN back pedal until you find the first space (or
whatever defines the start of a word in your app), THEN use
the re module (or some other method) to find the end of the
word (if it exists at all), THEN if it does, do something.

*GASP*! Of course all this could be avoided if those short-
sighted TK folks would have allowed the programmer to define
the pattern! 


One thing to consider though: left-mouse-down is a common
event for most of us --except for those few immortals among
us who have sworn to a "mouse free life"[1] and have
officially completed space cadet training--  and you don't
want Python doing all that work for nothing! So unless you
can justify all that processing for every left-mouse-down
event, i would suggest using another event.

[1]: Of which the phrase would make for interesting
satirical replacement of the chorus in: little orphan
Annie's, "it's a hard knock life".

    It's a mouse free life, for us...
    It's a mouse free life, for us...
    Instead of clicks, WE get pecks...
    It's a mouse free life!

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