how to create a soap enveloppe with python suds for consume a bssv web service

brice DORA road01 at
Thu Jan 8 09:41:53 CET 2015

Le jeudi 8 janvier 2015 07:53:12 UTC, dieter a écrit :
> brice DORA <road01 at> writes:
> > Hi all I am working on a app in python and I have to call a web service deployed on JDE (bssv). I use it for the suds lib which seems pretty friendly. but the problem is the JDE web service that uses bssv technology necessarily requires sending a soap envelope. as far as I spend my fesais parameters required in my suds client. My concern then is how to work around this problem, or is this possible to create a soap envelope with suds? thank you in advance
> "suds" should generate those required "SOAP envelope".
> "suds" can be set up to log the precise messages sent and received
> (consult the "suds" documentation about logging and the Python
> documentation about its "logging" module). With these messages
> (and a precise description of the encountered problem), you can
> contact someone responsible for the web service to resolve your problems.

okey thanks for your help but can you tell me if it's possible to see the content of this soap envelope that's sent by suds? if yes then please how can i do it?thanks you in advance

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