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>On Saturday, January 3, 2015 4:39:25 AM UTC-6, Mark Lawrence wrote:
>> I used to get very confused watching the old westerns.  The child when
>> talking about "more" and "paw" wasn't referring to possibly an
>> adjective, noun or adverb and a part of an animal, but what we would
>> refer to in the UK as "mum" and "dad" :)
>Early Americans are easy to satirize since most were
>schooled at home by illiterate parents. I believe the
>"redneck vernacular" substituted "mother" and "father" for
>"maw" and "paw" respectively. Which is not surprising since
>most uneducated folks tend to favor single syllable
>simplifications of words over their multi-syllable
>Widespread centralized free schooling did not exists until
>almost the 1900's. Heck, looking back at American history,
>the world *SHOULD* be in awe. To go from a rag-tag
>illiterate bunch of cowboys, to the worlds most powerful and
>technically advanced society (in roughly one hundred years!)
>has to be the most amazing transformation in the history of
>the human society.

It isn't. The Russian transformation under Stalin from a feodalist
society with wooden plows to atomic bombs and space travel is. Most
capitalist politicians are reluctant to admit this, but e.g. Churchill
recognized this. A comboy on horse back who has ever seen a revolver
is a far cry in backwardness from a feodalist peasant who *expects* to
be flogged by a knut. Feodalism goes to the brain, like slavery does.
(It took generations for the US negroes to shed of their slavery
inheritance. )

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Economic growth -- being exponential -- ultimately falters.
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