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Rick Johnson rantingrickjohnson at
Thu Jan 8 16:33:33 CET 2015

On Thursday, January 8, 2015 7:11:45 AM UTC-6, Albert van der Horst wrote:
> Rick Johnson wrote:
> >Widespread centralized free schooling did not exists until
> >almost the 1900's. Heck, looking back at American history,
> >the world *SHOULD* be in awe. To go from a rag-tag
> >illiterate bunch of cowboys, to the worlds most powerful and
> >technically advanced society (in roughly one hundred years!)
> >has to be the most amazing transformation in the history of
> >the human society.
> It isn't. The Russian transformation under Stalin from a
> feodalist society with wooden plows to atomic bombs and
> space travel is.

Hmm, and i wonder where they got the technology from? Does
it count if the technology was stolen? For instance, if i
steal the source of Python and then proclaim to be the
*true* BDFL of Python, then do i get all the credit for
Python's existence?


You're also ignoring a tiny thing called: "upward mobility".
In the 20th century, the whole of the American people gained
upward mobility. Anyone who dares to claim that a major
transformation of American society has not occurred, must be
blind to history!

Attaining advanced weaponry and scientific achievements is
nothing unless your people are benefiting *POSITIVELY* from
those advancements -- my statement was about transforming
*societies*, not about who popped the most Viagra pills and
achieved the largest erection in finite time!


Farms did not vanish after the atomic/space ages, no,
societies still require food. But for the vast majority of
Russians, not a whole lot has changed. Sure, they have the
technology to fight wars on a global stage, but what good is
a strong arm without the guidance of a strong and *FREE*
mind? What good is ultimate power if you cannot improve you
own well being? -- just ask any genie trapped in a bottle!

If history has taught us anything, it is that, intelligence
will *ALWAYS* defeat brute strength, and that the *MOST*
intelligent societies are consequently those who possess
both a humbled respect for freedom, and a vile rejection of

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