Hello World

Michael Torrie torriem at gmail.com
Thu Jan 8 18:53:50 CET 2015

On 01/08/2015 10:02 AM, Steve Hayes wrote:
> On 08 Jan 2015 12:43:33 GMT, albert at spenarnc.xs4all.nl (Albert van der Horst)
> wrote:
>> I don't trust sudo because it is too complicated.
>> (To the point that I removed it from my machine.)
>> I do
> How do you do that?
> I avoided Ubuntu because it had sudo, and then discovered that Fedora had it
> as well. 

Of all the distro choosing criteria, this has to be one of the more
bizarre ones I've heard.  You could at least choose something
fashionable to avoid, like systemd.

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