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Rick Johnson rantingrickjohnson at
Fri Jan 9 03:09:32 CET 2015

On Thursday, January 8, 2015 at 10:54:22 AM UTC-6, Chris Warrick wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 8, 2015 at 5:18 PM, adam wrote:
> > I just learn python. If you write in Polish it will be easier for me to
> > explain any problem, because my English is very thin.
> You cannot really learn to program without speaking English well.  If
> you can't speak English, you will have lots of issues: it will be
> harder to memorize things, you will be writing function/... names
> brainlessly and, most importantly, you won't be able to communicate
> with other programmers (as demonstrated here).  English IS the
> official language of technology, period. You should improve your
> English first if you want to succeed in the industry (or create
> anything advanced).

Although your response will most likely illicit rebukes from
the bleeding-heart emotional little whine bags, i must say i
agree 100%, and i'm overjoyed to witness someone besides
myself who has the testicular fortitude to speak the truth!


Listen folks, we are not trying to be imperialist here, we
did not "personally" choose for English to be the "lingua
franca" of the world, but that *IS* the reality in which we

If the Chinese or Russians had set up colonies around the
would, instead of the western Europeans, we'd all be
speaking Chinese or Russian today. The whining about who won
is just a waste of time. Instead of being sore losers, we
need to intelligently play the hand we were dealt. Besides,
there is an old Chinese proverb that goes something like:

    "If you wait long enough on the river bank, 
    the bodies of your enemies will float by"
What does that mean? It means that those who win today will
eventually lose -- this is the way of the universe. The
universe is using all of us as pawns, we are all in this
*together*, and all we can do is do our best with what we
are given. So stop whining and start communicating! All we
need to do is keep talking... 

Anytime we can break down barriers to communication, we will
*ALL* benefit from the synergy of ideas.

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