Decimals and other numbers

Ben Finney ben+python at
Fri Jan 9 04:03:50 CET 2015

Dave Angel <davea at> writes:

> What you don't say is which behavior you actually expected.  Since
> 0**0 is undefined mathematically, I'd expect either an exception or a
> NAN result.

Do you think that the ‘int’ and ‘float’ types, which do produce a number
result for ‘0 ** 0’, are buggy and should be fixed?

I think the inconsistency is unnecessarily confusing. Perhaps the
consistency is in standards outside Python, but I think there is cause
here either for a change of behaviour or, if ther eis a good rationale
for the incompatible behaviours, to document the rationale. In either
case, a bug report is warranted IMO.

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