what is Jython?

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On 2015-01-09, Chris Angelico <rosuav at gmail.com> wrote:

> Jython isn't a combination of Python and Java; it's Python,
> implemented in Java. Does that answer your question?

Just to clarify, Jython 

  1) is a Python compiler that compiles Python source code into JVM
     bytecode (class, jar, whatever) that runs on a standard Java
     runtime. Python programs compiled with Jython can call standard
     Java libraries and and can call or be called by code written in

  2) is a Python compiler that is written in Java.

AFAK, these are in principal orthogonal.  Number 1) is the important
part and does not require that 2) be true.  The Jython compiler could
(in theory) be implemented in C, Fortran, or BASH, but there are some
practical advantages to using Java to write a compiler that generates
JVM bytecode.

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