Help running python tests on MIPS

Steven D'Aprano steve+comp.lang.python at
Sun Jan 11 10:45:21 CET 2015

Ramesh wrote:

> I am new to python.
> I downloaded python 2.7.8 tarball, successfully cross compiled it, to make
> sure that the subsystems are correctly built, I tried running the python
> test scripts on the MIPS based target board. I hit the below error while I
> do so,

On second thoughts, how are you doing this? If I'm reading the next line

> # /opt/Python-2.7.8/bin/python2.7
> /opt/Python-2.7.8/lib/python2.7/test/

you haven't installed Python, you've just compiled it and are now trying to
run the test suite manually.

If you read the README file, you should see instructions that tell you to
run the following commands:

    make test
    sudo make install

I recommend following those instructions if you can.


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