PyWart: Poor Documentation Examples

Michael Torrie torriem at
Sun Jan 11 18:11:13 CET 2015

On 01/11/2015 09:04 AM, Grant Edwards wrote:
> 3) There are still people who read RR posts?

The last post by RR helping someone with a tk problem was very helpful,
and rather elucidating, as are most of his post on tk.  It was rather
refreshing to see several posts like this.  I thought perhaps this would
signify a new era.  But alas, no, he's slipped back into his lazy ways.
 Too bad really. He seems to be a smart person.  He could contribute to
Python in positive ways if he chose (like patching the documentation, or
contributing code).  Unfortunately when he gets like this he can't even
get up the energy to open bug reports.  Easier to just rant on the list
apparently.  Now perhaps there are two RRs, in some sort of conflict in
the same person.  Sad to see this one winning out.

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