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My name is Charles Weitzer. I do recruiting with a focus on quantitative sciences. One of my clients is a machine learning startup
located in Northern California. The founders include a successful veteran entrepreneur with a PhD in CS from Stanford, while the
other founder is on the faculty at UC Berkeley. Their team has made unpublished discoveries in the field of Machine Learning and in
other areas as well.  

My client would like to hire an extremely talented Senior Data Infrastructure Software Engineer as soon as possible. Their job
description can be found below. This group is going to be the next big thing in terms of quantitative strategies and systems.  They
are rebuilding their current system and also designing a new system.  You could work on either or both. I would love to speak with
you or anyone else you might highly recommend about this opportunity.

Thank you,

Charles Weitzer

CEO/Senior Recruiter
Charles Weitzer and Associates, Inc.
Global Financial Recruiting Services
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Phone: (USA) 510 558-9182

Senior Data Infrastructure Software Engineer

Fast-growing science and technology-driven startup seeks a Senior Data Infrastructure Software Engineer. You will be a core member
working with the RnD, Software, Infrastructure, and Trading teams to develop, test, deploy, and manage research, operational and
production software. 

The firm researches and deploys machine learning and statistical trading strategies that are designed to generate attractive returns
without being dependent on the performance of the overall market.  Join a team of people that includes a professor at a premier
university as well as over ten PhDs and two MBAs from top schools, led by the founder and CEO of a successful Internet
Infrastructure technology firm. We have a casual and collegial office environment, weekly catered lunches, and offer competitive
benefits packages. 

Focus areas for the position include creating software infrastructure for our research department and production trading systems,
implementing and automating back office and reporting systems, as well as supporting the next generation of our compute and storage
hardware systems. We seek a candidate who can bring both development and operations skills to rework existing software
infrastructure and guide test/automation of new and ongoing deployments.


.	Experience writing Python code in a *nix environment
.	Experience working with mission critical RDBMS, performance and fault tolerance
.	Industry experience as a software engineer
.	Automation deployment and virtualization (Ansible, KVM, Jenkins, etc.)
.	Experience with debugging and performance profiling, including the use of tools such as strace, valgrind, gdb, tcpdump, etc.

Useful Skills (Desirable, but not required):

.	Monitor and network management (Nagios, Logstash, Graphite, Cacti, etc.)
.	Knowledge of distributed systems, cluster computing, and fault tolerance
.	Experience making commits on open-source technology
.	Familiarity with cluster management and job queuing systems (Chronos, Luigi, Oracle grid engine, Mesos, etc.)
.	Experience in operations for highly available services

Please note that a background in finance is not required.

To apply for this position, please send your resume to Charles at

Thank you,

Charles Weitzer

CEO/Senior Recruiter
Charles Weitzer and Associates, Inc.
Global Financial Recruiting Services
Email: Charles at
Phone: (USA) 510 558-9182

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