I must be missing something obvious in installing Python 3.4.2...

Andrew Koenig ark at acm.org
Mon Jan 12 22:45:25 CET 2015

It runs and creates a classes.txt file with 803 lines. The first few:

<class 'str'> -> '$cpfile12'
<class 'str'> -> '$crfile12'
<class 'str'> -> '$cxfile12'
<class 'str'> -> '*'
<class 'str'> -> '.$cp'
<class 'str'> -> '.$cr'
<class 'str'> -> '.$cx'
<class 'str'> -> '.386'
<class 'str'> -> '.3ds'

A few lines in the middle that might be relevant:

<class 'str'> -> '.py'
<class 'str'> -> '.pyc'
<class 'str'> -> '.pyo'
<class 'str'> -> '.pys'
<class 'str'> -> '.pyw'

And the last few:

<class 'str'> -> '{C7A40493-BF23-4B53-AB2A-4A923B3EE34B}\x00'
<class 'str'> -> '{E14E55A7-29C8-4389-8E5A-3EF964510FCA}\x00'
<class 'str'> -> '{F5E30566-7C8F-4037-A8FF-A7382E251C56}\x00'

Anything in particular I should be looking for?

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