Track down SIGABRT

Jason Friedman jsf80238 at
Tue Jan 13 03:51:07 CET 2015

> I have a long-running python/CherryPy Web App server process that I am
> running on Mac OS X 10.8.5. Python 2.7.2 running in 32-bit mode (for now, I
> have the code in place to change over to 64 bit, but need to schedule the
> downtime to do it). On the 6th of this month, during normal operation from
> what I can tell, and after around 33 days of trouble-free uptime, the python
> process crashed with a SIGABRT. I restarted the process, and everything
> looked good again until yesterday, when it again crashed with a SIGABRT.

Can you monitor disk and memory on the host?  Perhaps it is climbing
towards an unacceptable value right before crashing.

Do you have the option of stopping and starting your process every
night or every week?

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