How can i use a dictionnary

brice DORA road01 at
Tue Jan 13 10:03:16 CET 2015

i consume a web service that return a element whose the type is "instance". but this element seem be a dictionary but when i want to use it like a dictionary, i got some errors. so this is the element and please someone can tell me how can i use it. tkanks in advance.

   sISOCode = "CI"
   sName = "Côte D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)"
   sCapitalCity = "Yamoussoukro"
   sPhoneCode = "225"
   sContinentCode = "AF"
   sCurrencyISOCode = "XOF"
   sCountryFlag = "ôte D'Ivoire.jpg"
   Languages = 
         tLanguage[] = 
               sISOCode = "fr"
               sName = "French"

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